HP Series

Hand Pumps
  • Designed to be small in size and light weight
  • Wear resistant oil reservoir made of polyamide fiber shell
  • Pump body made of aluminum alloy with nylon coating to prevent corrosion and damage
  • High flow rate based on high efficient pump
  • Two speed pump operation reduces handle stroke and therefore lowers handle efforts
  • Handle lock for easy transportation
  • Release valve expedite oil return to pump reservoir
  • Pressure relief valve dampens excessive pressure
  • Various oil tank capacity proportional with the pump model
Model NumberUsable Oil Capacity(cm³)1ˢᵗ Stage Pressure Rating(bar)2ⁿᵈ Stage Pressure Rating(bar)1ˢᵗ Oil Displacement/Stroke(cm³)2ⁿᵈ Oil Displacement/Stroke(cm³)Weight(kg)